Purchase a warranty?

Started Apr 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: Purchase a warranty?

lysiajoy wrote:


I'm about to buy a new camera from Amazon and since it's a chunky investment I want to make sure I'm covered. The manufacturer's warranty is pretty skimpy (1 year for defects)

There's a good reason why most products come with a one year warranty: if the product is going to have a problem, it's usually within the first year due to a bad component. If it lasts a year it'll likely last a long time.  I do not recommend buying extended warranties because they are profit generators for companies and are rarely of benefit since your camera is going to depreciate rapidly.  That is unless you break things often, drop them, lose them and you'll then want to see what any extended warranty actually covers (theft? owner breaking them? accidental damage?  or only components inside stop working without external damage)

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