Some say, Pentax DX bodies are SO capable, they blow Nikon FX away...

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Oh, these claims ... :-)

SkvLTD wrote:

Claim was made on another forum I'm on, so I just want to get some opinions from you guys here. The argument is essentially that the K-3 is a technology-saturated wonder body, with proper water sealing (along with like 2-3 kit lenses that match the specs), amazing sensor tilting gimmicks, sharper kit lenses, fantastic selection, and insane picture quality that results in lack of need for a full frame variety.

There are always lots of claims made right and left in all forums (yes, also here at times)

K-3 is a really nice camera for sure, and you got to give it to Pentax - they design cameras which are not only good but just plain fun to use. Good user interface, nice features, good image quality ... But exceptional compared to similar cameras from other brands ... Well, no. Just good.

The K-3, as good as it is, still ends up competing against camera like the D7100, not Nikons FX cameras. A FX camera will still a one stop DR and low light advantage, and a tad more DOF control to boot.

And while the AF system in the K-3 is the best I have ever seen in a Pentax, the D7100 still wins that one quite comfortably. On the other hand the K-3 does seem to have a more extensive weather sealing. In terms of image quality, they are pretty similar. Overall the K-3 does indeed give the D7100 a good run for its money, but it is no wonder machine. It remains a well built, well featured APS-C camera. No more, no less.

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