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Re: Lessons Learned, advice appreciated

You have the right idea when you approach each photography session as lessons learned. That's just what you need to improve each time with that attitude. I think most of us even if we have taken pictures for years upon years, we see new things that we learn all the time.

With the macro is difficult often to get enough depth of field. Sometimes we have to back off the focal length a little...or increase the F-stop. With my Olympus telephoto lens, I could use it as a macro lens. Sometimes I would get great pictures using F22 of damselflies. But I would have to wait for the sun in late afternoon and sit down among the weeds so that I could keep the telephoto lens steady. Some of them turned out great that way. Since I was only about 3 feet away, the depth of field was extremely shallow at 300mm FL.

The GBH looks great among the grass. For flying GBH's sometimes I increase the ISO setting to 800 or 1600 and stop down the lens a lot, to something like F11. That way, I have both enough shutter speed and depth of field.

The too-dark-of-a-picture of the squirrel looks like you have nicely recovered it. I don't do a lot of post processing to that extreme, so I'll leave comments about this for others. It's my style to try to get the best picture that I can "out in the field", so I don't spend too much time on the computer processing them. Of course, then I can write more on Dpreview too.

You are doing great...keep snapping.

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