Making money from photography

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Making money from photography

Let's face it - nobody's going to come to you and say "Oi! I want you to photography my orgy".

Nobody is going to say "Eh, mate. Here's a bunch of money. Come take some pitchers".

Look around you - how many photographers are you competing against? I'm in an area with 500,000 people and around 200 photographers that are listed in Yellow Pages, Super Pages, online Yellow Pages, Chamber of Commerce and Google/Bing.

The public doesn't know who you are or how good your photos are. They don't care and you can't make them care. You can't educate them - they don't have any interest. All you can do is beat the lowest price with better service or lower prices or find a new prospect. They don't care about you, just about what you can do for them within a timescale and a budget. They don't care whether you make a living. They don't care that you have a wife to support. They don't care that you're going to lose money if they don't pay you more. Most don't even care if they have to use Uncle Billy Bob and his smartphone.

You can make money from photography but not from selling photos. You can write books, blogs, put up websites and carry advertising. The income is truly pathetic but it is income.

There are a ton of people out there offering to toss their crumbs in your face if you use them to carry adverts. It works - the crumbs do arrive. They're pretty pathetic though. It's a much more reliable source of income that trying to sell your snaps online or trying to sell snaps of weddings etc.

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