1DX af cases 3-4-5 w/2.8 300mm IS USM II - Setting 3 w/IS

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Re: 1DX af cases 3-4-5 w/2.8 30g0mm IS USM II - Setting 3 w/IS


Just some notes after quickly reading this topic, A little bit tough, but I hope you will not be angry.

  • Case 5 AF makes no sense with Center AF point only. Case 5 has "AF pt auto switching" at 1 (0..2), but since you have only one AF point activated there is nothing to be switched... With only Center AF activated Case 5 = Case 1. This is valid when the user does not alter the default settings of each Case.
  • Spot AF is not recommended to be used in action photography when you usually are in AI Servo. RTFM! Your camera deserves it
  • The Tracking sensitivity setting is about how quickly the camera reacts when a new object suddenly obstructs the active focus point. -2 if you want the camera to react with maximum delay ("camera, please don't change focus!") till +2 ("camera, please do change focus asap!"). You may change pertinent Case or adjust this setting depending of what you expect to see in the viewfinder.
  • The "Accel./decel. tracking" refers to subjects which accelerate decelerate more (2) or less (0). Remember, this is more about subjects coming to the camera or getting away from it. Because if subject accelerates / decelerates parallel to the camera you usually track it and thus you may end having only low accel/decel subjects in the viewfinder. Again, you may change pertinent Case or adjust this setting depending of what you expect to see in the viewfinder.
  • Shooting above f/5,6 you do NOT loose any AF, nor cross, double-cross or not-cross. I will let you study why.

This being said, to get those very nice shots (congrats!) I would start with Zone AF 1+4 or 1+8 in AI-Servo with Case 6, maybe tweaking Tracking sensitivity towards lower end. Other tweaks may be necessary depending on field situation. It is hard to "measure" which is best. Just look carefully in the viewfinder during focusing and you will observe how the camera tracks the subject; further tweaks may be needed until you reach optimum result.

But anyhow, you have very nice shots on your site, which means at least your camera is performing stellar With any Case.

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Thanks for writing! Best shots on my site are zone, case 2, with lens in mode 2 all using group A lenses in Servo, 12fps with center metering. Others believe it or not single shot OUT of AI Servo at 1/4500 are amazing.

Throw in water as opposed to a building backdrop and the hit rate goes down. The water is a SOB.

1dx has 41 cross points up to f/8 with my f2.8 is usm ii 300 & 400mm lenses as per my understanding. I only shoot with the 41 cross points I get much higher rates. f8 kills the light, have to push iso to get 2500 min. to freeze, noise too much at higher iso for large display and retail store posters.

Expanded and zone best for fast movers.

When using zone and expand 4 in cases 3,4,5 I'm still not seeing much difference.

but again, when water is heavy it's luck of the draw.

I'll play with 6 and see what happens. Thank you!!!! I read article that said case 6 was buggy. Did not want to risk but based on your comment I'll try

Thank you!
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