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Lessons Learned, advice appreciated

It seems like the last few days I've made nothing but mistakes. However, since I've only been at this for a few months, I'll chalk them up as lessons learned.

First, on Saturday, once it finally stopped raining, I saw this guy and thought he would be a good enough subject for my first attempt at a macro shot, but then learned I really need to stop down the aperture to get enough DOF for macro. (This guy was tiny, only about 1 cm long; he's clinging onto a bug screen)

Yesterday, I came home from work and saw another GBH in my yard. I've shot these plenty of times before, but I wanted to try out using a single, non-center focus point as was discussed here: which is something I've never tried before. It worked out pretty well, and I ended up with this, but I have plenty of others like it.

But then he took off, and I wanted to get a good BIF pic of him (something I don't have), but I didn't think to switch back to all-points focus and ended up with this, which could have been an awesome shot, but ended up as OOF.

Then today, I got home and saw this guy out of my window. I thought it was more than bright enough outside, so I had my Tv set to 1/640 in case some birds came out. I didn't realize how much darker the shadows really are, didn't notice the underexposure warning, and ended up with this.

Amazingly, +4 exposure in Lightroom and some heavy noise reduction were able to get me this, which isn't good, but at least the shots weren't totally wasted. I'm glad I shoot RAW.

This one was actually properly exposed in the top third, but about 2 stops underexposed in the shadow. Unlike the previous shots, I think I was able to salvage this one enough to consider 'good'.

Does anybody see any other mistakes I made besides the ones I pointed out myself?

Does anybody have suggestions on how to deal with the shadows (like in the second and the last shots), besides -highlights +shadow in lightroom? Or maybe ways to work with the shadows and intentionally incorporate them into my composition?

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