Thoughts/Input Please: Fuji 27mm Lens

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Re: Thoughts/Input Please: Fuji 27mm Lens

taz98spin wrote:

I received my 27/2.8 lens yesterday and when I put it on my X-PRO1, it was very tight.

I'll try to put it on my X-T1 after work, but it was the tightest lens I have and I have the 14/2.8, 35/1.4, 56/1.2, 60/2.4 and the 55-200.

Hi Everyone,

I've looked at the 27mm's lens mount closely and cleaned the X-E1's mount with ROR. The lens itself looks good; all screws seem to be properly sunk.

After reading the above 3 posts in this thread, I mounted the lens a few times and then repeatedly (gently) rotated the lens as if I was mounting and unmounting it to determine if it was "grit" that seemed to be causing the drag, or if it could simply be that the 27mm is "tight/tighter" than other lenses. My assessment is that what I first thought as "grit" causing the drag appears to be that this lens is noticeably tighter than any others I have used. It's not so easy for me to return the lens because I bought it from a bricks and mortar store and I don't want to exchange something that is - in fact - working properly...if it is working properly.

taz98spin, I would appreciate you trying your lens tonight and letting me know what you think.

The serial # is 34A043XX and I just received the lens. If anyone in this serial # range finds their 27mm lens is also tight, that would be good to know.

If it is faulty, I'll return it. If it is just a tighter lens, I'll keep this copy.

Thanks so much!

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