Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

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Re: Nikon 105 for butterfly collection

TQGroup wrote:

Thanks for your interest in my issue. I plan to shoot each one individually so they can be catalogued for posterity and then they will likely be donated by the owners to a National museum. I plan to shoot on a table and I will set up an inverted tripod or some other "rig" when I arrive at the overseas city in July. BTW, this is a pro bono job.

If I can shoot at F16, that should provide sufficient DOF as some of these butterflies are quite large and there is a significant distance variation between the body and the edge of the wingtip.

You should be able to shoot F16 since I shoot F11 and F13 with a DX camera.  When I was shooting with a FX camera I would shoot F16.  Lighting maybe the challenge then.  What were your plans in that area?  I never had to worry about shadows when dealing with live ones on flowers and such.  Are shadows going to be a concern?  You may want to consider a polarizer to help cut down on the glare from your lights.

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