Is the A58 now the entry level SLT?

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Re: Is the A58 now the entry level SLT?

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

K E Hoffman wrote:

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

I was in a similar situation awhile back. What I really wanted was an updated A58. Instead, the A58 was release. It's a heck of a deal for $380 shipped (deals a few months ago), but it lacks things that I want. I also didn't like the fact that it was a "tweener" with obvious cost cutting.

With that, I sold the remainder of the A Mount lenses and will consider other options for the time being.

With all the weight they're throwing into E mount, I decided that, that I do not like the direction they're moving. Especially when E mount ergonomics are still extremely poor, have poor battery life, and overpriced lenses.

Odd you are in the market for a discount DSLR level camera .. but the fact that e-mount lenses (that cost less than A-mount) still is "over priced" What where you going to buy for the A-mount?

Lets hope they release some A Mount stuff next month, but I don't have my hopes up anymore.

35mm f1.8 is $218 for A mount, $449 for E mount with a longer minimum focusing distance

30mm f2.8 close up macro is $199 for A mount, 30mm f3.5 is $278 on E mount. The sal30m28 is brighter and focuses significantly faster than the sel30m35 when used as a walk around lens. The sel30m35 is a snail by comparison.

sigma 24mm f1.8 is $549 for A Mount vs sony's 24mm f1.8 zeiss for E mount.. for $1,100 and not stabilized

You really didn't just compare a Sigma to Sony Zeiss cross mount etc. for price.. that's silly.

16-50mm f2.8 lens is on A mount only, the only thing comparable in FL to that is the 16-50 kit lens, it's a pain to use due to the collapsible design. It's not as bright, zooming is extremely touchy, and it doubles the startup and shut down time of whatever E mount body it's on.

Again a-mount has better lens options.. key evidence Sony is looking to keep a-mount.

sigma 30mm f1.4 is a mount only, 35mm f1.4 is A mount only.

Numerous UWA zooms from various companies (sigma, tokina, tamron) made for A mount all are hundreds cheaper than the E Mount 10-18 f4

I don't see a point in buying A mount lenses then using them on E mount because the size advantage is partially lost, you lose stabilization, and need to buy a pricy bulky adapter.

Its not as clear cut as I thought.. when I go back and look at e-mount prices.. but Sony to Sony there are some cheaper and some not so.

Umm why not compare E-mount Sigma to A-mount Sigma.. Everyone is cheaper than Sony .. its why we buy lenses not made by Sony.. (with a few being better giving us another reason)

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