Apple Aperture, raw question

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Thanks, guys!

Wow, thanks for some of the great responses! I feel like I have a little better handle on what I want to do with my raw workflow.

Because I've been with Aperture for quite some time, with other cameras, scans, etc. - and have focused on organizing the whole mess - I'm sticking with it. I'm sure, now, that it will probably meet my needs as I go through the learning curve with raw images.

I like the idea that Photo Ninja can be worked into the Aperture workflow if my skills ever rise to needing more from Apple/Aperture Raw.

Some day, I may even get to the "external" raw tools, like Capture One and Adobe, but for now I think I'm good to go.

Thanks again, ya'll!

BTW, keep the Aperture info coming if there are other good tid-bits...

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