What is YOUR market like?

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Re: I answer your questions.

and if every one of those book buyers had to come, physically to you in NJ, what affect do you think that would have on sales?
Ok, if someone bought 100 books you could go to them. How far would you be willing to go for the profit on 100 books?


I have to travel to create the books, but once they're sent off to the publisher (no easy task in itself, check out that delivery thread for more), my traveling is pretty much done. Most of my books are sold in chain stores, retail websites and book clubs. There's no need to go to any of them. Stock photo sales are the same way. Even if they're done half way around the world, I stay home.

See, I do portraiture. I can't do that over the net (ok sally, get really close to your webscam and smile!) or use fedex (just send yourselves over here by fedex for your eSession, ok?).

This is the part of your career that I don't get. After you did all that market research, you came up with a specialty that's limited to your small area and very possibly shrinking. When I moved into my area twelve years ago, I had to do market research and choose a specialty too. I deliberately chose something with a national audience (it turned out to be global, but I didn't yet know it) based on the data I collected.

If - as you say - people line up at gun shops in your area - why aren't you shooting for the hunting industry instead? People in my town make the seven hour drive to your area for just that reason. (they also go for whitewater, mountain biking, backpacking and antiques - it's a pretty vibrant rural place)

I don't think that small-town retail photography is a bad thing. Indeed, I love the way people like you create a record of their communities. I'm just saying that I made a very different set of decisions and that made me see the marketplace in a very different way.

I probably just have to accept that the business is as large as it's likely to get.

It sounds like it and I feel for you. However, should you ever wish to change specialties - and this is one of the great things about a photography career - I invite you to ask questions on this very board which you yourself moderate. I for one am here for you.

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