Inconsistent aperture rings

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Re: Inconsistent aperture rings

DocetLector wrote:

I don`t agree with your post. First of all if you are talking about bucks - this lens has an aperture ring - just not marked and second those kind of people you describe are usually not using Fuji X cameras.

On the 10-24 constant aperture lens, I agree with you - seems nuts to omit the marks.

On the variable aperture lenses, let's run a quick mental simulation of the lens design that you are thinking of:

In, say, simulation alternative #1, we would be able to mechanically (i) set the lens for max focal length (ii) set the aperture to the widest (lowest f/stop).  The result would be an unsupported aperture for the selected focal length - would you agree?

This would be, it would seem at least as 'confusing' as not having the lens marked.

So under, say, simulation alternative #2, we would have to do something to the simulation #1 design to either (a) prevent the unsupported aperture from being selected in the first place or (b) attempt to change either the focal length or the aperture to reach a supported combination.  (b) would certainly be irritating design alternatve - so I can't see that being a reasonable design approach.  Re: (a) its hard to imagine how this could be done in a way that would work with the lens not-powered-up, unless a mechanical approach was used. And I can certainly see such a mechanical approach costing money and adding weight.

Perhaps there are some errors in my reasoning, or I've not been creative enough to think of a good design alternative.  But, given the above, not marking the aperture ring for a variable aperture lens does seem like the best design alternative among the options.

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