Panasonic Nocticron v. Olympus 75mm

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Re: Panasonic Nocticron v. Olympus 75mm

tjdean01 wrote:

That kind of helped. Thanks. It helped until you started talking about the 75s! As for the 75, I wouldn't want the Voigt because it's slower (if I'm going to buy, I might as well get the best...or the cheapest!). The 42.5 IS the best, however. Do you use it wide open? Would I be happy with it wide open? If I need to stop down to 1.8 anyway, I'd get the 45, you know?

If you want excellent border/edge/corner sharpness at or near wide open, then the 42.5 is the way to go relative to the 45/1.8 Oly.  This has been born out by my limited tests and by the lens review by Camera Labs.  You definitely pay the price in size, weight, and cost - each person needs to figure out if this is worth it for them or not.

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