I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

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Re: I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

mrbenji wrote:

Sam Rijver wrote:

Here are 3 images from the 55-210 v1 firmware. I'm less than happy with the sharpness. Updated the lens and I'm hopeful it will preform better now, it does look like the pd is now supported.

I'm just a hobbyist, no pro so please forgive my ignorance on a bunch of these topics. I appreciate all the help I can get!

I assume you either weren't using a tripod, or there was a bit of wind, or both? If so, on the first two your problem is clear... you're zooming way in, but your shutter speed is only 1/13sec, because you appear to have forced the camera to use ISO 100. There's a little bit of chromatic aberration (magenta fringing), but IMO most of what you're seeing is motion blur from handholding or from the flowers swaying slightly during the exposure window.

If there was no wind, you'd have been better off using a tripod and turning off your OSS (lens stabilization)... there's no way OSS can compensate for handheld 1/13sec shot at 117mm (pic#2), much less at 210mm (pic#1). If there was wind, the only solution would have been to bump your ISO up a notch or two and/or zoom out and move closer to the flowers, so you could get your shutter speed up over maybe 1/60sec or 1/80sec, and your aperture wide open (f4.5 at 55mm)... aside from having more light and a faster shutter, shorter zoom lengths are easier to stabilize, period.

As for the third image, looking at your settings I'd guess your image was quite underexposed... if these were taken around the same time, you've almost tripled your shutter speed while closing down your aperture from f5.6 to f6.3 -- both of those changes cut down on the amount of light available to the sensor. I'm guessing from the muddy contrast you had to boost this in Lightroom to get up as bright as it is, and/or or there was a decent amount of haze in the air, and you were focused on some point far off in the distance.

Hope that helps...

It really does. And make sense too! I was very focused on the new camera and didn't really took the time needed to plan shots and settings. With this public failure posted and your great response I feel a lot better about the camera + 55-210 combination.

Thankyou very much!

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