Lightroom 5 question?

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Re: Lightroom 5 question?

I don't use Map, Book, or Print, I don't do HDR or composite photos, nor do I use the catalog feature and I still find LR very useful.

I chose LR mainly because it has such a wealth of educational resources. If you want to know how to do something, you can pretty much google the question and find the answer. I figured I would be an occasional user and didn't want to have to relearn each time.

And I didn't study the manual, although there is a great, great resource that will show you how to use every slider with a 5 minute example: Lightroom 4 Complete Video Training with Hal Schmitt  This is FREE.  It says you have to buy, but if you look, the cost is $0.00.  And it's for LR4, but much the same is in LR5.

What I did instead was find a lightroom tutorial on youtube by a photographer (not Kost - who is excellent!) how to make a landscape photo pop, and then I tried the same thing with one of mine.  I quickly learned how to do the changes I needed (mainly exposure, shadows, clarity, gradient, healing, leveling..).   And then I read more about those options to use them better and fine tune them a bit -- but only as I needed or wanted.

I now use LR's compare feature feature since I might take several photos of the same scene and need to decide which I think is better.

Here is my new favorite photo.   LR let me lighten some shadows, bring out the red of the japanese maple a bit more, dim the highlights where the sky might have been burned out.   Knowing me, I will look at it again in a couple months and decide I did it all wrong.  Or learn something new about LR and try it on this image.  And the beauty of it is that I can since the raw is intact.

Anyhow, the learning curve is not that bad.  Figuring out that "Export" was the same as "Save" was th hardest part for me!


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