What is YOUR market like?

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Re: I answer your questions.

and if every one of those book buyers had to come, physically to you in NJ, what affect do you think that would have on sales?
Ok, if someone bought 100 books you could go to them. How far would you be willing to go for the profit on 100 books?

See, I do portraiture. I can't do that over the net (ok sally, get really close to your webscam and smile!) or use fedex (just send yourselves over here by fedex for your eSession, ok?).

Think of it like gasoline, wine or a steak. You can get it withing what, 1/2 hour of your house? an hour maybe? It's unlikely you'll drive 2 hours to buy gas or rent a video or get your hair cut.

yes, you've probably done it at some point in your life, but realistically you do your shopping close to home. I get a number of customers because of that fact alone.

I'm not saying it's impossible to travel to the customers. I did that when I got started - I went to starbucks to meet bridal prospects for 3+ years. Booking rate was maybe 50%. On the advice of a wedding photog I remodeled part of my basement into a meeting room. Changed NOTHING ELSE and booking rates went to 90%.

If I did the bridal shows in the city, an hour from me to there, each way, it wouldn't be a terrible task. But to get brides to come here from there? Not in this town you don't.

I moved from teh suburbs to the outer edge of the county after HS. 14 miles on the hiway. Old friends, coworkers ALL said... "You live WAY OUT by the airport?"...they emphasized the way out.
I'm now 30 miles farther out yet.

And having many photogrraphy friends in the city...its no easier or better there. The old 'grass is greener' thing. And i don't live in a ghetto but in one of the top 3 zipcodes for income and wealth in the county.

I probably just have to accept that the business is as large as it's likely to get. I bet the local mcdonalds does less business than the one in the city too. It is what it is.

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