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Re: Dont fear the 36MP

Silverstreaks wrote:

I could not agree more I always chuckle about those that bleat on about oh I don't think I can deal with a 36MP files the D800/E will produce. Well my answer to that is just see what those files contain. Files size will soon be forgotten about. Since giving up on MF film equipment during the early 2000's I've been back and forward between Canon and Nikon equipment and have been using the D800 for just about two years now and in my opinion its the finest piece of kit I've ever handled. Frame rate is not a priority but detail in images is. Mind you I don't go out and shoot hundreds of images that's not my style. On a good day 20 - 30 images of which I may want process less than ten. Both Ram and Terabyte are back to attractive prices and handling D800 files has never been easier.

Agreed. At the end of the day, quality is everything and the highest quality wins.

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