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Re: What century do you live in?

photoreddi wrote:

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

the implication with 'i guess your wife has veto power' is I have no balls or something. Whether that was the intent or not I don't read minds, but it was how I read their post.

No, the way I understood it given your usual failure to illuminate was that you agreed with her decision, not that you disagreed but weren't strong enough to do anything about it. You make too many unfounded assumptions.

No, typical of many suggestions these days, on the net or not. They're made off the cuff with no though as to the reality of what is being suggested.

"move"...ever moved? I mean, a business, family, sold houses, moved to a new state? yes, it's done every day but it's got costs. In time. Finding a new job is loads easier than starting a business from nothing. Yes, you have a portfolio and gear - but no customers. No idea of the market at all.

I've known 4 or 5 photogs that have done that. Most don't last 2 years- the business doesn't come back to the level it was at before.

CAN it be done? People win the lottery every day too. Odds are not good for either though.


My wife and I have discussed moving, several times. She's not moving till the kids are out of HS. Period. She says i'm able to move- just she and the kdis aren't coming along.

So no, moving isn't an option.

I can understand why you wouldn't consider a complete, total move to be acceptable. You could also have considered a partial move, setting up a small studio in a more amenable town/city, returning to your home several days each month, the expenses of which could be covered by the expected revenue increases. But even if you did consider this, it would be like you to also shoot the idea down faster than you thought of it.

Again, it perhaps can work. Having had friends do that, or similar, it can be tough. A friend lived in boston..she got transferred to dallas - warmer, better economy, so they decided to go. Problem was he couldn't find a job there, and there house in boston wasn't selling (this was in 08/09/10). He kept one kid and lived in boston and she in texas with the other...for three years.

Don't know how your income works, but lets add an apartment and utilities to what you're paying now and some air flights back and forth every month or two. Feel like you've boarded the train to Easy Street do ya? Probably not, huh?

My brother in law wanted to move...they moved and she hated the new city. Divorced him and went back to maryland. He decided he wanted to live in a warm place all the time...so left GM. Took a 50% pay cut to do it.  Not everything works out all rosy and beautiful.

As a matter of fact...of ALL my friends AND my wife's friends from HS and college..not sure between us we have a happy story about picking up and moving for 'a better life'.

Wait..I know one guy. Wife cheated so he left her and moved to florida. 5 years ago had a girl, $500k house, great income as a musician. Talked to him last fall..he's living in a one room apt on the beach all alone with 1/4 the income he had 3 years ago. Is that an improvement? He says he's happy, but he's got that eternal happiness thing going on.


It's just another example of people posting with the assumption I'm a retard or something. Of COURSE I considered moving. And considered adding video. and many other expansions.

You're just repeating the obvious. How could you possibly NOT have considered moving and at the same time tell us that your wife wouldn't agree to moving. What people assume, probably correctly, is that you're an old dog that finds excuses to refuse to try to learn new tricks.

Sorry, no. My wife was up for a promotion 4 or 5 years ago and if she didn't get it was going to quit - and was open to moving. At the time we had our oldest in school, 2nd grade maybe.

I've been to FLA and want to move south. Her brother is in jacksonville. My 'happy' friend is in daytona. I want to move and would go tomorrow. She knows this. But after weighing options decided to wait the youngest graduates HS. I've got 8 years here like it or not.
That she now has moved from employment to self-employment moving is again, an issue. She's in a profession that is licensed state by state...making a move harder yet.


And people ASSUME my business is failing without the information to know that.

Whether true or not, it's not an unreasonable assumption considering how you so often imply that some dollars don't find their way into your bank account or food into your mouth because of all of those newbie terrorists that are taking business away from pro photographers.

Been around long, in the biz I mean? If so you'd know they're taking money out of your pocket too.
There isn't an unlimited market out there. I've never seen a line at a photo studio (like you do at gun shops).
Google up photogs in your area...you'll get 50, perhaps a lot more. They all get some customers. 10 years ago you'd have found 5. IN YOUR TOWN TOO.
Unless your kirk with a town that is growing 20% a decade so new customers are arriving daily for all these new photography businesses, where are they getting all their customers?
Without a stagnant (or declining in my case) population if you add more suppliers of a product what happens? Fewer customers for EVERYONE. More supply than demand and prices fall.

If you're not experiencing this than great for you. Should one day that happen to you...well, you'll understand perhaps the feeling that no matter how hard you try, how good you are, you can't get ahead.

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