Some say, Pentax DX bodies are SO capable, they blow Nikon FX away...

Started Apr 2, 2014 | Discussions thread
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April 1 was yesterday

SkvLTD wrote:

Claim was made on another forum I'm on, so I just want to get some opinions from you guys here. The argument is essentially that the K-3 is a technology-saturated wonder body, with proper water sealing (along with like 2-3 kit lenses that match the specs), amazing sensor tilting gimmicks, sharper kit lenses, fantastic selection, and insane picture quality that results in lack of need for a full frame variety.

Got to DXO Labs and check the filters for Pentax and Nikon:

Interesting the K-5 scores 82, same as entry level Nikon D3300. BTW, K-3 scores 80

You might want to go back to whatever forum you were inhabiting.

Happy trolling!


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