a6000 External Flash?

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Re: a6000 External Flash?

i'm only talking above x-sync speed, because that's what you lose with this flash when it's pointed upwards.

another way to put it is that there is no ttl over 1/160th... hss only kicks in at over 1/160th, i think... different ways of saying the same thing, you can't turn the shutter speed on the camera up any higher, when the flash is pointed upwards.

until odin came along, that is thx for the feedback on that, appreciate it!!

the point that i'm trying to make here is that some platforms allow bounce flash at hss... it works great *with a bounce card mounted on the flash*

bouncing off of a ceiling means delay and too much diffusion, not the same thing as a bounce card.

i shoot race cars outside, in bright sunlight, on the track, at 1/2000-2500th... ideally it's with two flashes on a flash bracket(fill flash), but in general hss allows for a lot more light than most people think it does.

another thing... this sony system allows manual flash power settings in hss mode... i didn't have that with pentax... and there is no pre-flash when you do that, because ttl is turned off... it could be really good for preventing pre-flash blinking when shooting people.

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