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Re: What century do you live in?

markhayphotography wrote:

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

And people ASSUME my business is failing without the information to know that.

When you post about the dire circumstances in the industry and how much they are negatively affecting your business and livelihood, it implies that you are struggling with your business.

Struggling is an interesting choice of words.

Every market is different, not just economically but culturally, traditions, etc. I live in a area with a very low 'transient' rate - as in people moving in and out. Most are born here, stay here, their parents, grandparents and such all live nearby.

The latest challenge here is life touch. (google them if you don't know them). 5 years ago they had 1 school and now they have 2/3 if not more. every year they get another school. This is pushing local studios out of schools - hurting their bottom line.

So one pretty left the market on schools and sports, got a job teaching and does only studio work.
another decided to go balls to the wall after sports leagues.

Just as I am 'struggling' so are others and their struggles affect me.

Most of the folks on this forum are "fixers." But really, that's the problem here.

Sooo....it seems like you are often finding your business in a rough place, and that REALLY sucks. I can't imagine how you must feel when you post those countless threads. The newbies are nice people, but it bothers you that they might be hurting your future business. I feel really bad for you. Even though things will never get better because there seems to be some magical roadblock in the way of every bit of advice provided....we're all in this together and know that it's just really, really rough.

Newbies? Or "Illegals" or "ignorant"?

There have always been and will always be newbies. Today there is a flood - so they get $2k in business each...if there's 10 in town it's not a big deal..but 50 of them? It adds up.

Illegals - these folks are advertising, at bridal shows, etc. they don't have business licenses, insurance, pay sales tax and have not registered their business names (which is how you know all the former to be true..my state has a website where you can search registered names of businesses...'precious moments' is a name that needs registered...not hard to determine legal status) So they are working illegally...like drug dealer, the mafia or terrorists. Harsh words? Why? I've known a few drug dealers and people in the mob - nice people too. Just trying to provide for their families too. And they are doing it BY CHOICE. THey know they're breaking the law and willfully continue to do so. I have compassion - but just not for criminals.
Ignorant..they just don't know...like a kid running a lemonade stand where mom supplies everything so all the kids see is the sales dollars. A business with no costs...not possible. So the reality is Joe The Guy gave Joe Photobiz all the camera gear and computers and marketing money for free - no stock, no debt, no interest on the loan. Sweet deal for JoePhotobiz - like having rich parents set you up 'in business'.  So JoePhotobiz thinks he's making money - he can charge pennies on the dollar and get customers - not on merit, but on price alone. If here were a bigger biz, say walmart, selling at cost or below cost, he'd be in the news as trying to drive others out of business, unfair business practices, etc.  Smaller scale but same crime. So he gets a pass then?

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