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Re: Happens, seems the norm these days

Paul P K wrote:

Last week we had the Professional Imaging 2014 photographic fair/convention (for pros and amateurs) in the Netherlands.

One of the speakers was Joe McNally, known Nikon user, who during his demonstration funheartedly poked fun with users of other brands. No serious harm done there.

Then came a ' well known' modelphotographer (didn't know that category existed prfessionally, I know portrait, fashion, sports, prduct etc. photographers, but 'modelphotographer'?) Frank Doornbos (never heard of the guy, apperently well known in a small amateur orientated circle in the Netherlands, but internationally?) who in his self centered chest banging 'presentation' bragged about his workshops (apparently his main source of income) and took much trouble to put every other camera brand down to only put Sony at the top.

It would have been easy to believe him, if you wouod not have seen his site where ( coincidentally?) his blog was amnong of many other product plugs full of posts in which Sony camera's featured.

Just another KR wannabee, talk and promote what you're paid for, and genuine information be d**ned.

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all in a day's work

Just wanted to add that, as far as professionals go and them doing lectures/demonstrations/workshops, etc that Joe McNally is one of (if not THE) best.  He's got all the latest gear, but will tell you he still loves walking around with an old 28mm prime.  He's a photographer and not a gear-head and isn't a pompus jerk (I met him while I attended a week-long Moose Peterson workshop - the only reason I stuck around was Joe, Moose was an arrogant prck).

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