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Re: Question for Scott

Scott Eaton wrote:


'Ghost' was an innovative and singular tool back in the late 90's and early 2000's, but there are better alternatives now. Also, it is not a good idea to use imaging / cloning software older than your operating system. All imaging software makes 'tweaks' in regards to modern boot environments and are to some degree file system and OS aware. So, while Norton Ghost circa 2003 might seem like a good idea it's really not a good idea to use it on Vista/ Win7. Plus, some versions were prone to corruption.

Macrium makes it too easy to make a USB booter, and I can't see a reason to use a floppy over USB. However, some older computers might not allow you to boot to USB, which means you should make a DVD booter. If the machine lacks a DVD ROM, then use a Ghost floppy at your own peril. I'll certify older versions of Ghost for XP, but not for Vista / Win7.

Win7 system back-up is reliable in my experience - just slow. However, it's not very flexible moving to a different drive size while Macrium, Acronis etc are. For desktops this is no big deal because Macrium has a free version for personal use. For servers, which I mostly deal with I typically stick with Windows built in back up because there's a cost penalty to get Server versions of the 3rd party imaging software even though it's the same thing.

Scott, I appreciate your reply.  I made a Macrium Boot/Restore Cd a couple weeks ago soon after I downloaded the software.  As mentioned, Macrium works well for both of the required functions  (Backup and for Restore).  It also appears to be reasonably fast for both.  I will be using it with my Win7 setup.

Thanks again, -- Vernon...

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