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Re: PSE7 runs fine on Win7

BobSC wrote:

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Scott Eaton wrote:

The biggest improvement is you got a new machine. As I've been telling the media idiots pushing people to 'upgrade' XP there is no "upgrade" for older hardware. An XP era PC or laptop is typically junk anyways and running on borrowed time. You can always load XP inside of Virtual Box for legacy programs.

I just put 7 on a Dell Optiplex that was made in 2004. Works fine. Seems kind of a waste to me, but whatever.

Your Optiplex probably doesn't have several hardware issues that my Sony does.. Both DVD drive/writer & NIC have issues or are shot and there also may be internal fan issues.. By the time I replace those I'm close to half-way to a new machine with good chances that other more serious breakdowns might happen.

In your specific case it probably makes sense to get a new machine. But Scott seemed to be making a general argument that there were some sort of problems putting 7 on old hardware. It actually seems to work just fine on a lot of old hardware (assuming functioning hardware). For anyone who is considering it, microsoft has an update adviser that will scan your hardware for compatibility.

Actually I ran that back when 7 first came out & there were a few pieces that weren't supported.. I pretty much ruled it out at that point...

At home I run Photoshop 6.0 under Windows 7 on my wife's PC. I think PS 6.0 came out in 2000. If my memory is correct about that it means it pre-dates XP.

Thanks, that makes me confident I won't need to worry bout software...

Don't go there too fast though There are actually a lot of older programs that have installers that won't run. Just doesn't seem to be a problem with Adobe software. With some programs you can right-click them and run them in compatibility mode. 16-bit programs won't run no matter what you do though, and that's the problem with some of the installers. But then again, with some programs the only thing the installer really does is copy files, so some ancient-ware can be run by just finding the exe program and running it. Usually you can find out easy enough by googling the name of the program and "windows 7 64 bit". You'll either find a bunch of forum posts somewhere telling you it can't be done, or else telling you how to do it.

No worries, I won't be all fired up to clutter up the new machine & whatever I do decide try that I have now (most of which is free-ware), I'll definitely look into the latest 64bit version of it 1st....

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