I want a wide lens for landscape + city/architecture

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Re: Ok, I will look into that, the 7-14

Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson wrote:

jeffharris wrote:

Fredrik Glckner wrote:

Gunnlaugur Gudmundsson wrote:

I may be wrong, so yeah, maybe I should look at the 7-14 or the 9-18? I'm willing to learn and listen to advice....

Since you must have a fixed max aperture, something I think is hard to understand, I think the choice is clear: the 7-14mm lens.

Absolutely! The 7-14mm is the way to go. I rarely have problems with it's f4-ness.

I use it for my interior architectural and design work. The 7mm end is great for shooting interiors. It takes a bit of practice to learn to work with it, but results can be fantastic. A monopod or leaning against things works great if I don't have a tripod or there isn't space for oneā€¦ that can be a real problem for small New York City apartments!

It also makes an excellent and extremely flexible travel lens. Street shooting, too.

I think this is good advice... a lens that will complement my other lenses... thank you guys ...

In other news, just ordered the Sigma 60 f/2.8 - $250 including shipping / eBay ... that should take care of the portrait range ...

Yes, the Sigma 60mm lens is a good one. Comparison with the 35-100mm ZOOM here:


Strangely, it looks like the ZOOM lens is the better one, but I could be wrong.

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