I've Drunk The Demise of XP KoolAid:

Started Mar 31, 2014 | Questions thread
Scott Eaton Senior Member • Posts: 2,207
Re: I've Drunk The Demise of XP KoolAid:

>> I'm very much convinced that Win8 is actually Win7 with tighter code for more speed.


At first I detested Win8 because of the pushy Metro interface, but with 8.1 I can deal with it. The added utility of system admin tools with a right click is worth the price of admission.

On a desktop I can deal with Win8x...with classic shell and a few things. Still, Win7 feels about the same without all the muckity muck.

On a portable though Win8x does show improvements with that 'code' tweaking.

What does suck is the Metro interface on Server 2012. Somebody at Microsoft fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down with that decision. Server admins don't use touch interfaces.

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