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Win7 on old hardware

>>I just put 7 on a Dell Optiplex that was made in 2004. Works fine. Seems kind of a waste to me, but whatever.

I just went through this a month ago with a rather penny pinching CIO who pulled out a bunch of Dell Precisions from the same time period running P4's from 2-3ghz. Those machines cost a fair amount of money back in the day, and he remembered it like yesterday.

Those Dell Precisions were far more high end than your Optiplex, and even running my best, minimalistic Win7 build the poor employees that got them were miserable. Even with 3gig RAM they could only run one or two apps at a time, and any version of Office newer than 2003 run like a slug. I eventually resorted to having the employees run most of their apps on Citrix so they din't have to wait 5-10 seconds alt-tab'ing applications that my $580 Dell i7 does in less than a single screen refresh.

Linux Mint ran just as bad.

So, if you find a P4 runs Win7 just fine, good for you. For actually doing work they are only effective as thinclients in my experience and don't have the video or multi-threading performance to handle modern OS's or fat apps like MS office 2007/2010/2013.

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