Thank you Nikon!

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Heartened much?

Antony John wrote:

1w12q312qw1 wrote:


Agree, it's heartening to know that you were heartened knowing that your epiphany heartened me

There's always inertia with launching a new product as you mentioned. I would suggest that Nikon's first response when the problems had been identified was to fix the manufacture of new D600s ASAP and then respond to the existing products on the market and in customers hands. I doubt anyone outside Nikon will know if they could or could not have responded quicker than they did. It is, as they say, history now. Let's hope that the problems are finally resolved to the satisfaction of most.

Enjoy your day



I am heartened to know you were heartened by my heartening by your heartening of my awakening.

But I'm not sure you have the sequence right, I realize this is all speculation. A sober look at the difference between D600 and D600s shows a minimally increased fps in addition to a (crisis-dictated?) new shutter. So when was it in the pipeline? Maybe after the guano started hitting the fan and not before, that's just my guess here.

Now if Nikon could learn from their mistakes, we'd all be heartened.


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