a6000 External Flash?

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Re: a6000 External Flash?

symbology wrote:

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

What would be the point of TTL/ADI in bounce mode?

Because it still works?

As far as I know, only HSS will not work when in a bounce orientation.

no hss means no ttl.

the flash automatically reverts to x-sync speed max when the head is pointed upwards.

which means that on the a7r you would only get ttl up to 1/160th... pointing the flash upwards basically cripples the camera, the shutter won't go beyond 1/160th, period.

i don't recall ever having that problem with pentax.

adi only works with lenses that have distance encoders, so i guess that means only the very latest sony glass(??).

you lose adi entirely when the flash is wired up off-camera.

lots of limitations with the sony flash system.

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