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Re: thank you. So how large a market is needed?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

interesting. thanks

Avg income in your area is THREE TIMES what it is here. $158k vs 53k
avg house value in your town, $692,000. My town, $155,000.
Population change since 2000- you +4.4%, me -6%

So let me ask a different question- how large a population is needed to support a photography studio?

If one needs say, 120k in sales, will a town of 1000 or 10,000 residents be needed?

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The average income in Quebec city (where I live) is about 40K, that is before 35-45% (depending on income) in provincial and federal taxes on revenues and a 15% sales tax on everything. You can't get a combo for under 10$ at McDonald's in Quebec because the minimum wage is over 10$/h (10.15$ to be precise) and yet a lot of photographers are doing really well. I understand you're part of the Pittsburg - New Castle Metro Area, meaning you're probably less than an hour away from Pittsburg.

I know every photographer who's less than an hour away from Quebec is marketting and working on getting clients from the city instead of from their local town to get more reach and some of the ones that do really well are almost at the limit of that one hour circle. Yes, it means they have to commute to meet clients or that clients have to drive to them. And gas costs 5.07$ a gallon.

Now if we compare, the Quebec metro area has about 751 990 people, and Pittsburgh metro has 2,360,733. There's a Bentley dealership in Pittsburg, trust me we don't have one in Quebec.

That's my market.

PS : When people commute, they're not being paid.  You made the choice, at some point, to live in a rural area. That choice implies, for most people, that the cost of life is lower (house/rent, food...), but that they'll have to commute to go to work.  That expense gets in their living costs and is in the budget as such.

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