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Re: Lightroom 5 question?

Jere Landis wrote:

I downloaded and am playing with it. Please, someone tell me how to get the program to process the file after I have made all the changes. How do I tell the program where to put it, or them, also. Most converters are pretty straight forward about these things. If this is the greatest, do all, end all, piece of software, why so difficult. Also, can you work directly from existing folders on your hard drive or do you have to import through some fancy dan system. I know I'm stupid, but that's the way it is. Any help here?

Yep. I've got several hard drives and move files around a lot, or to DVDs. I've found out how to do it with Lightrooms catalog etc. but find it very un-intuitive. So I use Aftershot Pro, it does pretty much the same as Lightroom, with non destructive edits, but it gives you the choice of keeping a very small automatically made XMP file (that holds multiple versions if you want) in the same folder as your Raw file, or you 'can' catalog it like in Lightroom. It maybe doesn't do some of the things like highlight recovery as well as Lightroom yet, but for lots of stuff it works pretty good. With Aftershot, once I got it figured out, it seemed much easier for me because of how I work...and it's pretty fast also on this old machine, which won't even run Lightroom 5 until the operating system is upgraded...

Started out with Lightroom 2X and haven't used it much at all. I've got a bunch of Raw editors, some of 'em work pretty well. It's just that me and Lightrooms file system don't seem to get along.

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