Kelby has gone too far now - Launches Canon In Action Tour.

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Re: Happens, it always has been the norm

Newsflash: people are motivated by money.  Professionals are motivated by money.

It always has been this way.  In any profession, most people will accept money for sponsorship deals.  Do you think famous pro athletes choose Nike or Adidas based on their preference?  No, they go with whichever company pays them the most cash.

The key is for us as consumers to be aware of these sponsorship relationships, so that we may take the advice of these professionals in the appropriate manner.

As for Scott, Canon offered him not only some free equipment but more importantly sponsorship of his events, etc.  In a world where both Nikon and Canon make exceptional equipment, I can't blame him for choosing the one willing to bankroll him. The only thing I might criticize him of is the way that he announced it...kind of downplaying the sponsorship angle, and seeming to prefer Canon equipment on the merits.

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