Printing 8x10 with 4000x6000 image out of the camera

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Re: Printing 8x10 with 4000x6000 image out of the camera

Jim Hess wrote:

The only way you would be able to include the entire image in an 8 x 10 print from that image would be to have white borders along the long sides of the image.

The borders don't have to be white though. If you change the "canvas size" (photoshop terminology) you can make the borders a neutral gray, a black, or any color that complements the image. You could even do that blurry reflected thing they do on the news when they put video from a 4:3 camera into a 16:9 broadcast.

You can use this to your advantage when you intend to put the photo into a frame. So if you buy an 8x10 frame with a 5x7 hole in the matte, you can create an 8x10 print which has a 5x7 image centered, surrounded by gray. Now there are now issues mounting the print to the matte -- just put it behind and it's automatically aligned and held in place.

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