I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

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Re: I just picked up my Sony A6000 - In stock everywhere?

Since you also have the 5N, can you please compare the AF-S focus speed with centre spot and flexible point ( how easy is it to move it around as in 5N it's instant ) and accuracy between the two (in good and low light ). Is the improvement significant enough?

We already know about the apparently blazing fast AF-C tracking ability ( but not really about the focus accuracy as nobody seems to be able to confirm it  - videos on YouTube don't really show the actual results ) but I am interested in the AF-S performance.

Also, I can see you have some "standard" e-mount lenses ( E1855, E19, E55210 ), have you updated the firmware for them and if so, how do they perform on the a6000? There have been some suggestions that the new 24mp sensor might outresolve them.

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