What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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Anders W wrote:

Alien from Mars wrote:

How could we know that? I'm afraid we know close to nothing about the algorithms of IS and the logic behind them. I don't find it impossible that there's a sequence of sensor movements after each shot to confirm its position and recenter.

Nothing is impossible. But I don't find it likely, first for the reason I already mentioned (there is no reason to recenter a sensor that must already be centered when IBIS is off), second because the IBIS mechanism must work much-much faster than this, and third because recentering the sensor would only imply resetting the EMs to the strength required for that to happen.

While we are discussing the number of angels that can dance on a needlepoint here I must disagree. We don't know how the camera confirms the sensor position (can it read the position in static or it needs the sensor to move to some pre-defined points). We don't know if the engineers wanted to reconfirm that position after each shot. The sensor slippage could happen (I remember such notice in the falklumo link you provided earlier regarding the shutter shock) because of mishandling or shutter shock.

Dealing with several pieces of robotics in my lab I can say for sure that "zeroing" is an often-happening procedure but of course the frequency of such occurrence is different for different equipment.

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