Who's eagerly awaiting the rumoured Sony MF mirrorless?

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Wow, Jim, what a compliment...

JimKasson wrote:

...or even better, an electronic shutter, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards since the chip is already designed.

Tex, thanks for your reasoned, and reasonable, posts in this thread. I'll chime in.

Coming from you, that is maybe the best complement I've received ever on DPR.  For others reading this post, you owe it to yourselves to check out Jim's blog.  One of the real experts left on these forums.  And helpful not hateful!

First, put me down in the school that says that more resolution and lower noise is useful for making photographs, not just for bragging rights.

Thank you, exactly. It's odd that this is such a hard point to make, sometimes. Seems self-evident to me, but...

I have an aged H2D-39 that, under the right conditions -- lots of light and not much scene contrast -- can put my FF cameras to shame. I normally print on C-sized paper if I don't have an order in hand, and you can definitely see the difference at that size. However, I will say that the new Zeiss 55mm f/1.4 is making that comparison closer than it used to be.

Not just that lens. I think both of us must count ourselves amazed at how close FF is coming to the overall IQ that was solely the domain of MF previously. I mean, I gave up on 35mm film format by the latter '80's except for art documentation.  I was first startled by this when the A900 came out, and now we are much further along.

I think that one of the reasons the Hassy does such a good job is the easy control of the big honkin' mirror (once you've figured out how to wrap your finger around the grip just right) and the close-to-vibrationless leaf shutter. The more resolution increases, the bigger problem vibration is, and it's hard enough dealing with environmental vibration -- wind, trucks, subways, etc -- without having to struggle with the camera's own vibration.

A leaf shutter also means you can carry around smaller, battery-powered strobes and still overpower ambient light if you need to.

You know...I had not really considered that about my Fuji 6x9---the leaf shutter's effect on reducing vibration and this relating to how that camera has amazed me by how slow I can shoot it hand-held. So, there is now a red mark on my forehead from the head slap I just gave myself...and here all this time I thought it was mostly a convenient bit for flash...Yes, leaf shutters, count me as a fan.  Well, obviously I now have to spend even more time online just absorbing your blog to mine more wisdom...

I'm looking at replacing my H2D-39 with a CMOS camera. It would be nice is I could use the Hassy lenses that I own, even though they're big and heavy since they're designed to cover a full film 645 frame. There are two possibilities right now: Hassy and Phase. The Hassy is a lot cheaper for me, since I'd need a H4x to use the Phase back, but there's no live view without tethering, which is big problem for me. And I just can't get me head around spending all that cash for the Phase, especially with rumors like the one that started this thread around.

So, like a deer in the headlights, I wait, transfixed, for Sony to announce something.

Yes, that's kind of a good way to put it, "deer caught...".  The whole thing has made me pay attention and be a little startled at the same time.

Not for Leica, although the chip is a perfect fit for an S camera, since their glass is so expensive. Not for Pentax, which has shown no consistent commitment to the market.

Well, exactly for the Leica.  I'm not certain what to say about Pentax.  You are far more knowledgeable here than me, but at the same time, considering Pentax's position in the digital marketplace for a decade, now, the Hoya-Ricoh jumble....I kinda feel like they have done what they could, and was pretty amazed that they have made such decent bodies for apsc and managed to pull off their D645 mini-coup.  I mean, until now (and maybe beyond...), they were the ones to break a "magic threshold" of sub $10K for DMF, analogous to the threshold of sub $2K for FF.  It's why I have been "investing" in my Pentax 645 stuff this last 18 months, not only because the stuff got to be dirt cheap, but also because I had this back-of the-neck tingle that maybe this DMF segment might get down to the cost stretch point for me.  It is just about there.

Then these Sony rumors happened.  See again "deer caught..." .  I can easily see unloading nearly all my gear and just living with a DMF camera if it covered, through a fixed zoom or interchangeables, something in the 28-100 range of FL's.  The fixed zoom version could be the camera that actually does go with me absolutely everywhere.  Most people reading this I'm sure are rolling their eyes, and saying those cameras already exist, but for me they don't because things like the NEX 7 and now the A7R are close, but no cigar.  Small enough, yes, but not quite special enough in the image output to warrant the post processing for the work I want to do without a planned field setup. I have a sense you may understand what I'm talking about.  Pretty much why people bought Mamiya 6's and 7's, and Fuji 645's...

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