Minolta 50s and the A7

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Re: I have the 50 1.2....

kuuan wrote:

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kuuan wrote:

the cat pics had been taken with a Olympus Pen-F Zuiko 1.8/38 halfframe lens, a stunning lens! However I had not used my NEX5N but Ricoh GXR M module for which I had adapted this lens. I had shown this adaptation ( the only one of a Pen-F lens to Leica M mount I know of having been done ) at the Ricoh forum here:http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3636252

cheers, kuuan

That lens conversion was totally worth it, and the resulting pics had an amazing tonality. Not bad for a legacy lens from a third tier manufacturer :). I think the thread said you use it adapted to your NEX as well. How does it do?

Was cool to see your pics. Also loved the WA shot of those tall buildings in Kuala Lampur. Cheers.


thank you Ken. I didn't want to say so first, on the Sony forum ;), but I believe that the camera used also played it's role. Generally I prefer colors and tonality of the GXR M over those produced by my NEX5N and prefer using the Ricoh. That although the Sony has some undisputed advantages, it's faster, has a more modern, higher res. and better high ISO, generally less noisy sensor and a higher res. EVF.

I am not sure which WA pics you are referring to, but if they had been taken with the Super-Wide Heliar 4.5/15 chances are that I also had used the Ricoh, no corner issues on the GXR M at all, though I should say that in this respect the 5N does pretty well too.

as you may know adapters for Pen-F lenses to E mount are readily available for little money. However I had to find out that the mounts of Pen-F are not consistent and that therefore not every adapter will work for every Pen-F lens. I had writen on this here in a thread at mflenses.com ( that had started out talking about color of lens coating ) and there was a follow up trying to classify mounts of Pen-F lenses

most normal to tele Pen-F lenses even cover FF, see the summary on how they do on A7r in the last post in this thread

Pen-F lenses to great on NEX, the later half in my set with photos taken with the 1.8/38 was taken on the NEX5N, and all photos taken with the Pen-F Zuiko 1.4/40 seen in it's dedicated set, more than with the 1.8/38, have been taken with the 5N, the first few seen at ISO 6400


I know the Ricoh looks like it has a pretty nice sensor, Andreas.  I love what they have done, and have always been interested in checking out their cameras and the Sigma Merrill's too, I just don't have the time to get involved in another system.  Beautiful shots and thanks for all of the lens info, I have learned some good stuff from you on this thread.


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