Lightroom 5 question?

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Re: Lightroom 5 question?

As I understand them, presets are parameter "tweaks" to accommodate a unique camera, really the camera's sensor and processing engine. Look at a camera preset and you'll see dozens and dozens of settings. In sum, they get you "in the ballpark" prior to tweaking a given image from a set. We're talking contrast, noise reduction, sharpening, color balance...on and on. It's a very helpful first step but generally doesn't provide a polished final image edit.

Let's say you upload five hundred shots, with preset applied, and 123 were taken at an ourdoor event. You then edit one of those to your satisfaction, save those settings and apply them to the other 122. HUGE time saver. Repeat the process with the next group, etc.

There's much, much, much more, but it's important to understand the LR framework.



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