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Jere Landis wrote:

thanks all,

I judge from the comments that it is a fine program, yet a work in progress for most users. Probably few are able to take advantage of the entirety of it. I also assume it is not for anyone who cannot devote extended amounts of time to absorb it. I doubt the average owner of the program utilizes more than a percentage of it's capabilities. It is a fine piece of advanced software.

Seems to me that most casual downloaders of the free 30 day trial soon give up and go away. I bought Lightroom 3 on an inexpensive academic discount, but it ran too slow on my PC so I never got into it. None of my expertise with Photoshop Elements (PSE) was useful as the commands were all different. Noise reduction was not as effective either. I gave up.

One day, a wedding photographer showed me how he could zip thru a hundred RAW pictures in a few minutes, touching up the W/B and contrast with a preset on LR.

So I bought a new PC and also upgraded to LR4. I got the Kelby book from the library and managed to get thru most of it in the 2 week lending period. It is a commitment, but I consider myself an average user.

Fifteen years ago, it took me longer to pick up the rudiments of Photoshop 6, also with a book. That (and CS6) is a program where the photographer only uses 5% of its capabilities. Lightroom has far less capabilty, so it should be easier to get comfortable.

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