What else is happening before the first curtain on E-M1?

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Re: Shutter video

Alien from Mars wrote:

Anders W wrote:

And what would all the noise from about 0.120 to about 0.180 in the first graph and in the neighborhood of those two peaks be about? And where would the corresponding "cocking" of the FCC be?

I just don't see the benefit of moving second curtain during sensor readout with a possible risk of image degradation because of light leaks.

The benefit would be that the shutter is already open when read-out is complete, that the amplitude of shutter noise could be kept down towards the end (though there is not much evidence of that here), and that the user gets live-view partly back slightly earlier. Light leaks are probably not an issue if you keep a little margin. All this is just theory of course, but these are the advantages I can think of.

While you might be right it's impossible to prove it or disprove without the high-speed video.

Right. So we need that. Or at least additional evidence of one kind or another.

The noise could correspond to sensor stabilization system for example (yes, IS was off for exposure but EMs could re-engage after the exposure to recenter the sensor, don't you think?).

If IS is off, there should be no need to recenter the sensor after exposure. And such recentering wouldn't require anywhere nearly that much time.

"cocking" for FCC could be the very first peak in the recording (marked "?"), could be the very last peak in the first two graphs (what I now suggest as SCO event).

Yes, both are conceivable.

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