Why not a 12-35 F1.8 - F2.8?

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JeanPierre Martel wrote:

MAubrey wrote:
What's a handicap is being force to stop down a μ43 lens when f/1.4 is the DOF you want but you can't use it because the mid-day sun is too bright...conditions where f/2.8 on FF would have been perfectly fine.

That "handicap" can be lifted if you use faster shutter speed or use ND filters.

Yes, of course, we can carry filters, but why bother. And yes, the moment you open aperture to f/1.4 on a sunny day, you hit the limit right there, at ISO 100.

Since I never use a tripod, I'm glad to be able to use faster shutter speed and get clearer pictures. Just in very rare cases (essentially when I'm using Voigtländer lens), I'll reach 1/4000 sec (the limit on an OM-D e-m5) and be "forced" to use ND filters or to stop down.

Remember sunny rule of 16? On a sunny day @ ISO 100 the best shutter speed is around 1/125 (or so) if your aperture is at f/16. This shutter (which is quite closed) is 7 stops from f/1.4. But it takes only 6 stops to be at 1/8000 if you start from f/125. And that is, assuming, when you are not pointing your camera against the light. So I don't think it is so rare really that you are "forced" to use ND filters. Perhaps you do not shoot it wide open, that is a different story. Some people (myself included) often do shoot wide open, and I do see how quickly the aperture jumps to the limit.

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