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Re: He want's a brighter screen for other work

Petruska wrote:

mikek200 wrote:

Howard Moftich wrote:

well, a number of users use monitors like the NEC PA series which allow you to build a profile w/ all that in it using their software (the monitor has a lot of built-in intelligence and processing power) so we just 'select' the profile we want to use and it's done.

If you have to manually futz w/ WP and brightness, then, IMO, I'd find another way, like not doing it and finding a medium or rearrangning the lighting in your workspace to even things out.


I just dont see the point of going through all this-Why multiple profiles?

Just keep your room brightness at a comfortable level,adjust the screen brightness to a point where you can get a close match between screen and actual printed image......for years ,I,ve been using this workflow,and rarely do I have any issues?,except possibly when I monitor starts to show it's age?

What am I missing here?


than just printing, like web surfing, spreedsheet/word processing, video watching, etc.

I calibrate my screen at 140 cd/m2 and find that I get a great monitor to print match and it's also acceptable bright for all other computing work. I like others use a NEC monitor calibrated with NEC's SprectraViewII calibation system. This system allows you to generate many different profiles(just click on the one you want) which are stored in the monitor's LUT and no need to manually adjust the monitor for brightness when changing profiles. I can never see me using any other monitor than NEC for this sole reason.

Bob P.

OK,Got it-thanks Bob.

I also use only NEC monitors with spectraview..imho,it is the best.


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