A6000 or X-T1?

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FX vs DX, and Fuji lens quality.

It's like the Canon or Nikon mount. They make both "DX" and "FX" lens, both will bayonet to the camera, only the FX lenses will cover the full frame.

Invest in the full-frame E lenses for your A6000, and be all set to upgrade to FF when you're ready.

Will Fuji come out with a full-frame camera? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Are Fuji lenses the second coming? No. They are for the most part very good, but most are not stellar. The new 53 f 1.2 looks stellar. The 23m f 1.4 looks less so. The 35mm is actually quite average from what I can see on photozone and others with soft corners and edges that never get very sharp with stopping down. The kit zoom, although better than the average kit zoom, is a just slightly better than mediocre. Check the reviews.

darngooddesign wrote:

Are A6000 lenses compatible on full frame cameras with an adapter?

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