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Re: What century do you live in?

PenguinPhotoCo wrote:

the implication with 'i guess your wife has veto power' is I have no balls or something. Whether that was the intent or not I don't read minds, but it was how I read their post.

No, the way I understood it given your usual failure to illuminate was that you agreed with her decision, not that you disagreed but weren't strong enough to do anything about it. You make too many unfounded assumptions.


50 years ago when 'the man' ran the family they could and did issue edicts like 'we're moving' without concern about the effects on others or their feelings on the matter.

Some still do but even back then, there were some women that made the family's decisions. Would you be as strong willed and/or as controlling as Joan Crawford ("Mommie Dearest") or Lillian Hellman or Eleanor Roosevelt or Ayn Rand (God forbid). I doubt it.


My wife and I have discussed moving, several times. She's not moving till the kids are out of HS. Period. She says i'm able to move- just she and the kdis aren't coming along.

So no, moving isn't an option.

I can understand why you wouldn't consider a complete, total move to be acceptable. You could also have considered a partial move, setting up a small studio in a more amenable town/city, returning to your home several days each month, the expenses of which could be covered by the expected revenue increases. But even if you did consider this, it would be like you to also shoot the idea down faster than you thought of it.


It's just another example of people posting with the assumption I'm a retard or something. Of COURSE I considered moving. And considered adding video. and many other expansions.

You're just repeating the obvious. How could you possibly NOT have considered moving and at the same time tell us that your wife wouldn't agree to moving. What people assume, probably correctly, is that you're an old dog that finds excuses to refuse to try to learn new tricks.


And people ASSUME my business is failing without the information to know that.

Whether true or not, it's not an unreasonable assumption considering how you so often imply that some dollars don't find their way into your bank account or food into your mouth because of all of those newbie terrorists that are taking business away from pro photographers. You can't understand that all those newbies are here due to two factors, the greatly reduced prices of relatively high quality cameras, and the tremendous changes in economics. Newbie photographers aren't to blame for so many B&M camera shops going out of business unless you think that there are tens of thousands of newbie camera and lens dealers selling out of their garages with low, low prices because they get them hot out of their matter replicators instead of buying them from distributors.


There is a difference between 'negative', 'reality' and 'hype'.

There's also a difference between occasional negative comments based on reality and an overwhelmingly, persistently negative attitude. You're well beyond the point where you've started to drive away readers that might have given your ideas and opinions the benefit of the doubt, had you posted those opinions more sparingly. Even though people standing on soap boxes, screaming at the top of their lungs get noticed, eventually they're no longer heard.


Kirk implies we all have the skills and knowledge to pro or better videography. Hype, obviously. Rainbows and Unicorns.

No, this is another of your failed assumptions, at least as I see it. What I think he's saying is that some of us, not all or most of us, might have the skills and knowledge, and the ones that do can succeed if work hard enough and intelligently enough, but that they won't succeed if they don't even get started. It takes more effort than some are willing to expend.


"Yes YOU TOO can be RICH!" it's easy! Just go get a $25,000 video job. 3 days work! No experience necessary!

Is it? what does your experience tell you?

My experience tells me that you've already given up and are trying to justify it by conflating possibly rewarding ideas with "Get Rich Quick" schemes that have been dangled before the gullible for over 100 years. You're whitewashing with far too broad a brush.

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