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Re: Lightroom vs/with Photoshop

Lightroom does non destructive editing. Instead of changing the RAW or JPEG it saves editing instructions in a lLghtroom specific file.  This contains both the data management and edit instructions for photos in the catalog.

Lightroom  is very good at global editing that affect the entire photograph - white balance, tone curves, noise reduction. It is a bit awkward at localized edits like cloning. It does not edit at the pixel level - no masks.

If you need to do masking Lightroom will create a TIFF or JPEG, start Photoshop (or any other editor), and save the result in the catalog.  This will result in two files, which can be grouped together by Lightroom in a stack. Stacking can also be used for HDRs and panoramas to group multiple source files with the finished photo.

Lightroom has changed the way I edit. I use to use Nik Vivesa on most files. Now to save creating a second copy of the file in my database I use hhadows and Highlights instead.  Not as much control, but RAW converters have really improved in the last 5 years.  If it is a photo that I am going to print or put is a slideshow, or one that is especially difficult I will give it the full Photoshop/NIK treatment.

About 80% of my photos are left in RAW.

There is a bit of a learning curve to Lightroom, but once you understand the catalog, and how you want to arrange your photos (the most difficult part) it is easy to greatly improve your photos with a few sliders.

"Make a tool even a fool can use, and only a fool will use it". I hope that wasn't taken the wrong way, but any powerful photo editing tool  will take a while to learn.  An editing program that also has data management adds capability, but makes the learning curve a bit steeper.

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