Was I snookered? Purchased a very used D700.

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Marianne Oelund wears out shutters like nobody else.

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They should have reset the shutter count if they replaced the shutter. There should also have been paperwork that accompanied the replacement, even if it was at an event. Since it was out of warranty, he would have had to pay for it, and there would be a paper trail. Ask for paper proof of the shutter replacement.

When I worked for Nikon more than a decade ago, I worked the NPS trailer 3 or 4 times at major sports events. All repairs were free of charge and I don't remember giving anybody any paperwork. It is -- or was -- an on-the-spot service for working pros, to keep them shooting, done quickly and informally. Unless things have changed -- and they might have -- it wouldn't surprise me at all if there's no paperwork.

I was very fortunate to spend some time with the photographer who sold me the D700 as he is moving over to Canon (they sponsored him with 2 1dx's and Glass), he was divesting himself of all Nikon gear.

The D700 I purchased had the shutter replaced at 241,000 shutter clicks by NPS at the Republican National Convention here in Tampa and the DNC in Atlanta. There was no paper work and the shutter was never reset as they do NOT reset the shutter count when the shutter is replaced. He told me he used the camera as a remote in the ceiling during the convention and put an additional 800 shots on the camera so it now stands at 242,000 with a new shutter.

I believe him. He is very credible and he also just today sold me his Nikon 24-70 F/2.8 for $600 because it had a stiff zoom!!!! Glass was clear and clean and shoots perfectly. WOW

I feel embarrassed I doubted this man's integrity as he has turned out to be a kind and generous new friend.

Marianne Oelund wears out shutters like nobody else. She has made many helpful posts about it, like this one .

Have fun with your 700, I love mine.

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