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Re: Question about video stabilization

123Mike wrote:

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123Mike wrote:

... I'm a programmer, and I'm considering making a media playback and imaging organizing app for Android, and I'm looking at the video play back APIs, and it *looks* like it might be possible to display each frame at a different position, if the frames can be run through open-gl related apis fast enough... so I have to write software to deshake video that Sony couldn't be bothered to digitally stabilize for us...

You know this capability already exists in many consumer level video editing programs, right?

You know that not everyone uses these programs, right?

As that isn't an answer, I suppose I should take it as a yes.

I want to not have to spend oodles of time editing video. I just want to copy the files to a USB drive, and then play it back using a media player in the living room.

Editing isn't necessary. Render a clip one time using stabilizer software, go do something else while that happens, then enjoy the result - assuming the stabilization process works well (which often is not the case, depending on the severity of shake). There are limits to what can be expected. You might want to at least give such tools a trial run to see what you're in for when developing your own version.

I wish media play back software has deshaking built in. In fact, I wish televisions had this feature built in.

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I suspect effective real-time PLAYBACK image stabilization is a ways off yet. Our TVs do not have input from a moving camera to know what to shift.

I could deshake all those purposely shaken tv shows. My wife likes to watch some of those shows, but I can't watch it, because the intentional (post process introduced) camera shake is unbearable.

Let me know when you have a product to do it, and I'll buy one. Many TV shows and movies are completely off my viewing list for that exact reason.

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