Best lens for the Zoo?

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Re: Best lens for the Zoo?

Superglue wrote:

I am planning a trip to the zoo and I wanna travel light so I am wonder other than the 55-210mm I have what other lens would anyone suggest taking.

one of the things about E Mount versus A Mount is the lack of native super-Tele options.  I had the Tamron 200-500 for my a65 and it was amazing at the zoo (example below).  I took that lens and the Sigma 85 1.4 for closer and indoor shots to the DC zoo and loved it.

I did use the Tamron some on the Nex 5 with the LA-EA2 and it was pretty good, even without stabilization handheld.  I did take the 55-210 to the Phoenix zoo as well, and it gave me good shots on my Nex 3n.  it got me close enough in most cases.

a65 and Tamron 200-500 @500mm

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