Will the A7711 be mirorless

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PDAF and OS PDAF are basically the same I don't see how anything on a lens can have anything to do with it. on the other hand I can see CDAF being completely ineffective if there is any slop in the focus mechanisms.

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OSPDAF has generally been with CDAF, as in hybrid AF. In this case, you have part PDAF and part CDAF: former for speed and latter for accuracy.

This situation complicates the lens compatibility. PDAF works by moving quickly in one direction and acquiring focus. For this, AF motors are designed to move in one direction as quickly as possible. This is traditional point of SSM and like.

With CDAF involved (for precision of focus), the movement becomes evaluative going back and forth. This is where likes of SSM struggle. Yet, if you look at RX10, Sony has used SSM even though the camera is CDAF only. But, it is not just SSM either. Sony has used dual motor AF system, one to move quickly in one direction (SSM) and another to apply brakes (piezo electric motor which is used in Sony Steady Shot). It is possible that "SSM updates" (may be even SAM) involves this.

Or, if a6000 AF is pure PDAF, then it can indeed translate directly to A-mount. Any involvement of CDAF and the above will apply.

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