1DX af cases 3-4-5 w/2.8 300mm IS USM II - Setting 3 w/IS

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Re: 1DX af cases 3-4-5 w/2.8 30g0mm IS USM II - Setting 3 w/IS

I'm using a 1DX and using AF cases 3-4&5 with a 300mm f/2.8 IS USM II on setting 3 with IS on and I'm having a hell of a hard time noting any differences in results with cases 3-4or5.

I'm switching between Zone and Spot using Center as well as Evaluative metering shooting at 12fps.

Are the differences supposed to be so subtle? I'm trying to optimize for kitesurfing shots http://tony6454.wix.com/aruba-kitesurfing#!kiteboarding/ckra like these before I get to an event and I just can't seem to see a real difference.

Am I expecting too much thinking that cases 3-4&5 are so vastly different?

Thank you!


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To use only single point on a 1DX seems a bit limiting. The focus accuracy becomes very dependant on the shooters skills and much less on the tech in the camera. The case numbers won't help much if you give the single af point bad data by not having the point on the precise desited location at each shutter click. You really need to understand the motion dynamics of the subject when trying to track with a single point.
Be familiar with what the case numbers are adjusting to learn how they will be best set for the sport . Naturally, using a wider DOF helps keep the important parts of the subject in focus.
I was pleasantly surprised to try all point AF the other day and observed some decent af tracking on a bird. In your shooting scenario I would think that such a mode might also work as there wouldn't be a lot of extraneous contrasty objects near the subject except for kite lines. Since the subject is quite large over the starting af sensor, it should easily track the subject. Possibly the wet shiny water on the subject creates some challenges with the AF.

Hi Riknash, water does play a key role as I have to shoot through it. Being that I know the sport well helps and with single shot I have some of my best shots ever. My issue is learning to tweak 3,4&5. This is key
Thank you!
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